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Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 6 - 7 working days

Saviola Decor Collection



The eco-ethical company.

Founded in Italy in 1963, The Saviola Group quickly became one of its largest chipboard producers. In 1981 Saviola began experimenting and developing melamine faced panels, providing the world with decorative board alternatives to stone and timber. Since then, Saviola has been active in developing different decorative solutions for the furniture industry and finding innovative ways to be eco-ethical.

By 1997, Saviola switched to an entirely new form of board production, using only materials collected through recycling schemes, amounting to 1.2 million tons of post-consumer wood per year and making its chipboard exclusively from 100% recycled wood.

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The Highlights

Superiority to the slightest detail.


The Trend-à-porter collection encompasses an array of Woodgrains, Stones, and Fabric decors that serve as prime components in interior design.

A sensational modern take on a decor staple.


Saviola's woodgrain selection comprises 27 decors with 10 unique textures that showcase various wood species, including popular choices such as oak, walnut and tigerwood. The spectrum of tones is equally impressive, ranging from a white-washed appearance to an array of natural browns and blacks. The textures inherent in the woodgrains evoke a vibrant, lifelike quality, making them a versatile and ideal choice for any project.

Chalet Oak Naturale
Marshwood Eucalipto Scuro
Light Stripped Wood
Vanguard Noce Grigio

From elegant aesthetics to industrial tastes.


The Stones series offers a wide range of 18 decors, providing ample options to create the ideal interior. For those seeking a sophisticated aesthetic, the collection features luxurious marbles in both light and dark shades. For an industrial vibe, there are concrete-effect decors available in various colour schemes, perfect for crafting a contemporary sanctuary. The stone decors are offered in three popular textures: Blunt, Artstone, and Portland.

Dark Accona
Onyx Nero
Kiruna Cemento

A new outlook on textile-inspired decors.


In the past, textile-inspired decors were limited to the novelty of featuring fabric designs on melamine-faced boards. However, Saviola has taken it a step further this time. By introducing their latest texture called On Track, they have created a woven effect with a fabric pattern, enhanced by neutral colors. This range of decors has the versatility to seamlessly integrate into any space and, upon closer examination, reveals an intriguing and creative scene.

Mallory Pitch Black
Eccimeri Platin

Derived from our environment.

Saviola Textures

Inspired by...


Texture embossed for oak with evident and porous grains. Refined and rustic, thanks to the combination of strong linearity and the hint of sapwood.
Embossed in likeness, it perfectly adapts to oak or walnut with rustic design, creating a sensation of real, natural and authentic wood.
A harmonious effect created by the diverse and sinuous lines, creating a texture that is rustic in form, but elegant in for funiture.

The texture features a distinct print with deep grooves that leave visible and matt marks on the surface.
Embodying the distinctive characteristics of maple, this texture combines modern elegance with dynamic motion that varies depending on the colour scheme.
It provides uniformity to both solid colours and wood, enhancing the surfaces of any type of furniture with a unique striped pattern.

Triggered by...


Raw and rough to the touch, it follows the natural sensation of stone, an increasing trend in the interior design sector.
A result of fire damage, which appears in this oak texture with marked depth combined with the irregular structure made by the cracks of burnt wood.
The Italian walnut texture exhibits a lifelike appearance, distinguished by a striking flame design and remarkable opacity that intensifies the richness of the colours.

Produced by...


A delicate soft touch effect marking contrasts between shiny and supermatt areas. Blunt texture reproduces oxidation and marbling.
On Track
The geometric lines intersect like a weave, leading to a surface that is rich of details with a craft imprint.
Motion captured by a trowel on a surface creating depth and texture of cement finishes.
A modern take on grained wood sectioned with shallow parallel lines at different intervals.

Environmentally conscious.

100% Recycled

Having Saviola in your home makes you part of the solution to help the environment.

Environmentally conscious.

100% Recycled

Having Saviola in your home makes you part of the solution to help the environment.

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