Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 4 - 5 working daysCOLLECTIONS: 8AM - 4PM
Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 4 - 5 working days

XyloCleaf Collection



Italian innovation in design.

XyloFlooring of London and Cleaf of Italy established XyloCleaf as a decorative board brand in the UK market in 2012. Founded in the 1970s, Cleaf today, with its four production lines in Brianza, Italy, is a well-established brand in the interior design industry arena internationally. 

The identity and industrial culture of Cleaf materials are deeply rooted in its location since Brianza is a world-leading district specialising in furniture design and production. The area is full of notable furniture brands and manufacturers, and such proximity to one another facilitates the cooperation between the companies and enables strong synergies and exchange of skills and ideas. Quality, efficiency, research and sensitivity to market and trend changes contribute to the continuing success and constant evolution of Cleaf materials in terms of technology and design.

Right from the very launch of the joint brand in the UK, XyloCleaf enjoyed tremendous success and achieved almost immediate recognition among local architects, designers and artisans. Professionals use XyloCleaf products in individual high-end interior design projects and sizeable modern building developments. 

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XyloCleaf Collection

Unique design and texture combinations.

XyloCleaf collection of decorative surfaces truly stands out from other brands in that it continually evolves and changes designs, colours and textures. It not only follows the latest design trends but often defines and dictates them.

The collection comprises 90 distinctive decors which vary from deep-grained wood and material reproductions to iconic abstract designs, embodying an authentic Italian design spirit. It boasts deep realistic textures often synced with ultra-realistic patterns, a combination of which can deliver the so necessary "wow" factor when working on a high-end project.

Surfaces of XyloCleaf products are highly resistive to scratches and have excellent all-round wear characteristics.

The highlights

Deeply embossed

Wood reproductions

A large variety of realistic woodgrain designs, thanks to deeply embossed textures that are absolutely in sync with decor design.

Trendy and on point

Inspiring fabrics

Discover decors that look like natural fabrics such as silk, denim, alpaca or linen.

Greatly convincing

Leather reproductions

Enhance your project with a soft and silky leather-like look to make it more fascinating, both emotionally and aesthetically.

Rough and unfinished

Concrete and stone

Inspired by the urban brickwork, these textures reflect the simplicity and depth of a rough concrete wall or trowelled plaster.

Geometrical aesthetics

Fantasy 3D

Geometric textures inspired by the perfect lines of pyramids or mosaic induce plays of light and shadow on furniture and walls.

A swatch book.

Marketing Materials

XyloCleaf swatch book displays a full range of decors currently available in the UK. It is a perfect companion for all designers.

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