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Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 6 - 8 working days

Alvic Decor Collection



Feel the innovation.

Founded in Spain in 1965, Alvic has been committed to innovation, constantly changing its production technology and updating its decor range to include the latest design trends. Starting as a furniture component manufacturer, Alvic soon began creating flat-pack furniture and eventually entered the market for decorative board collection, launching the renowned LUXE range in 2008. Alvic continues to produce its products in Spain across four industrial plants and one in the USA, but it has a commercial presence in over 100 countries worldwide.

Alvic has positioned itself to service the premium, design-focused interior design industry. Besides bold colours, Alvic's speciality is developing marble and stone effects that look incredibly convincing, available in different tones, marble formations and textures. The Alvic collection comes in four parts: Luxe, Zenit Supermatt, Zenit Metaldeco and Syncron, each eliciting a different emotional response to the viewer.

Today, Alvic produces panels in various bespoke furnishings and manufactures furniture for kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, and offices. 

The Alvic Production Operation

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UK Decor Collection

Designs that transmit your lifestyle.

Alvic has an extensive UK range, with a total of 64 decors available immediately. The latest 2023 collection of trends are made to stand the test of time for the coming years, with new tonalities, designs, finishes and textures to inspire new projects, bringing contemporary and innovative atmosphere to spaces that work for you. 

Decors like solid colours, stones, woodgrains, and patterns available in high gloss, super matt and textures bring a compelling vision to design and set new challenges to creativity.

The Highlights

Alvic Finishes

Stylish interludes for everyday life.

Alvic appeals to those that have unconventional tastes, willing to take the plunge into creating an interior that delivers its own personality; infatuating those that can detect brilliance in furniture and interior decoration. Alvic does not only deliver on a visual spectacle, but invites you to graze the surface with your fingertips, allowing you to add another dimension to the Alvic expereince.

There are four surface finishes available in the Alvic collection that can relate to your tastes:

Luxe & Syncron

Developed by blending technology and creativity.

Syncron possesses a high level of decorative detail, available in an attractive range of designs that recreate wood, stone, textiles and other materials, developed to have very realistic relief finishes and greater depth in detail. To add to the exclusivity, Alvic has developed, over the years, technology that allows for harmonious synchronisation between design and finish, creating a highly realistic surface and natural to sight and touch.
The Luxe surface has a high gloss finish, a mirror effect, and high resistance. Its MDF core is covered with a decorative surface finished with a layer of tough, UV treated lacquer, providing hardness and quality to the product. The Luxe collection is focused on solid neutral colours, stones, marbles and metals and can be used in all furniture and decoration projects. Lustre surface of the board will help reflect lighting, making it perfect for dark areas.

An Inclusive Collection

Artisanal with a touch of sophistication.


Alvic uses the best elements of natural marble and replicate them into spectacular designs. Available in Zenit, Syncron and Luxe.

Alvic Marble Decors

Sierra 02
The character of imperial green, with delicate blemishes.
Nuvola 02
The beauty and charm of onyx like you've never seen.
A marriage of authority and elegance.
Evora 03
Fashionably modest, understated brilliance.

An infinite and sensory richness of colours.


Inspired by nature and the endless tones diluted in landscapes, fruits and sunsets. Available in Luxe and Zenit.

Head-turning Croma Decors

Croma Blue
Lose yourself in the blue of the sea, its captivating depth, and find yourself in the reflection of the sun on the water.
Croma Sunset
A harmonious blend of Blue and Peach, creating an enigmatic design that captures the beauty of a sunset.
Croma Peach
Brown shades with subtle reddish tones inspired by the change of colour in nature due to the passage of time.

Embodied versatility through man-made materials.

Metals & Stones

Inspired by industrial material, add dynamic and modern touches to you interior whilst maintaining the natural elements you have.

A New Age in Urban and Industrial Style

Highly reflective, creating environments with enormous radiance.
Reminiscent of Spanish-style skim painted walls, this design displays raw beauty muddled with industrial flair.
A metallic effect that offers a multitude of possibilities; pair this decor with wood for a positive contrast.

And everything else...

Textures, Colours & Effects

If you're looking for something a little bit more than simplicty, but not exactly flamboyant, then Alvic has something to appease your creativity.

A Decor for Every Interior Need

Verde Salvia
Soft and powdery in appearance, this shade brings a relaxed and sophisticated feel to the spaces it dresses.
Avant Garde
The finish is a multitude of straight lines in a horizontal direction that generates a play of light and shadow on the surface.
Azul Indigo
An intense blue that is a safe bet for creating environments with serenity, warmth and calmness.
Textile Plata
Offering a light woven look that fits harmoniously and the texture somewhat imitates the rough feel of textile.

A swatch book.

Marketing Materials

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