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Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 5 - 6 working daysCOLLECTIONS: 8AM - 4PM
Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 5 - 6 working days

Computer Controlled Board Cutting


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At Cworkshop, we supply and cut to size an extensive range of plain and decorative boards to meet an ever-increasing demand from furniture production, interior design and building industries. Our board collections include the latest design trends originating from across the world. Melamine-faced chipboard (MFC), veneered or MDF boards are amongst many that we cut to size on our premises daily.

Whether you are a professional in need of cut-to-size panels for a bespoke project, or a DIY enthusiast after a single shelf, we can help. Full-size MDF and MFC boards can be challenging to handle, and unless industrial-grade machines are used, it is impossible to get them cut properly. With our cutting service, regardless of the sheet size, we trim boards on all four sides to provide a clean working edge, and all subsequent cuts are precise and virtually chip-free.

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Watch our saw operators load MDF and MFC boards to be cut to size by our machines. Each board is labelled, which confirms the size of the panel cut and what sides need to be edged. Our saws are maintained regularly and cleaned at the end of every workday. Our state-of-the-art dust filtration system ensures that the machine's surfaces and moving parts are clear of sawdust and debris.

The Highlights

Computerised Cutting
A computer controls the cutting process and tells the operator what he needs to do and when.
Exceptional Accuracy
Due to technology and our operators' skill, we can cut panels with 0.1mm accuracy.
Panel Label
We label every panel for ease of reference in further machining steps and your convenience.
Quality Check
We check the quality of all cut and edged panels before the job leaves our factory.

MDF Board Cutting Service

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is the most popular board our customers tend to order. The unique qualities of MDF make it highly versatile and broadly used for different applications in the building and furniture industry, including wall panelling, furniture carcasses, doors and general structural elements. We supply an extensive range of MDF sheets ready to be cut with boards ranging in thickness from 3 to 50mm.

We supply and cut MDF boards of well-known brands such as Medite, Finsa and Spanolux, many of which come with unique properties enabling our customers to fulfil various project requirements.

Follow the link below to find out more about the different types of MDF boards you can cut with us.

Find Out About Different Types of MDF

MFC Cutting Service

Melamine-faced chipboard (MFC) is a decorative furniture board and comes in various designs, textures and finishes. Customers can buy full sheets of MFC or submit their cutting list online for the board cutting and edging service. Our saws are equipped with double-blade technology to ensure that all cuts are smooth and virtually chip-free. Additionally, we change saw blades several times a day to achieve a high-quality cut with every board. 

Most of the melamine boards we supply are available in thicknesses from 8 to 38mm and can be cut to size to customer specifications in several days. 

Below are the most popular brands of decorative boards you can cut with us.

An Italian brand focused on timeless designs made with high quality materials
A popular brand that provides a large range of colours, textures, reproductions and woodgrains.
A premium brand bringing some brilliant and unique decors in a range of styles that inspire.
Another favourite brand that is renowned for its quality and enduring designs to suit everyone.

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