Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 6 - 7 working daysOPEN: MON - FRI 8AM - 5PM
Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 6 - 7 working days

Birch Plywood



Strong, versatile and attractive.

Birch trees are the ultimate renewable resource with virtually every part of the tree being utilised. The twigs are used for besoms and sauna whisks, timber for furniture and flooring; bark was used for roofing and canoes, and even the sap for wine! Waste timber and residue at plywood mills is used for other materials and boiler fuel for energy production.

From an environmental perspective, Birch is an abundant species found in the forests of the northern hemisphere being widespread across Canada, Russia and most of Northern Europe, in particular Finland, Latvia and countries bordering The Baltic. Birch species are relatively fast growing and support a myriad of varied wildlife, and where managed as a sustainable forest resource, do not impinge on the natural biodiversity.

So for quality, sustainably sourced plywood, Birch Plywood is definitely ‘The Natural Choice’.

Plywood production.

Watch a video about how plywood is made.

Birch Plywood grades

For clear finishing

Higher grades

Birch Plywood is graded according to the quality of the face veneers and not the quality of the core.

At Cworkshop we only sell two higher grades that are suitable for making furniture and clear finishing. Lower grades are mainly used for structural works and packaging.

Grade B/BB
Generally, the best grade available for clear finishing. Good clean appearance, only minor, natural features, i.e. small pin knots permitted on the ‘B’ Face. ‘B’ grade is normally only available with ‘BB’ Grade reverse. Available in Long grain construction.
Grade BB/BB
The main commercial or utility grade - both faces are Grade BB – which allows patches and other knots and imperfections. Suitable for all general work including CNC machining or where face grade not overly important. However, good quality BB grade boards may be acceptable for clear finishing and furniture! Available in Long or Cross grain construction.

When appearance is not important

Lower grades

We don't sell lower grades of Birch Plywood but you may find the information useful. Despite the poorer appearance the core of lower grade plywood is still solid and sound.

Grade BB/CP and BB/WG
Grade BB face with WG or CP reverse. Standard commercial grades which are essentially only sound (Good) one side – Reverse side can have numerous large knots, open splits/defects and discolouration.
Grade CP
Russian Grade – In between BB and WG used where face appearance not important, i.e. packing crates, furniture carcasses.
Grade C
Similar appearance and use as Grade WG – may be un-sanded with open defects and discolouration.
Grade WG
Large knots / patches / open defects, staining and discolouration permitted - used for packing crates and carcass work or where unseen, such as upholstered furniture.

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Current lead time for cut & edge orders
is 6 - 7 working days