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Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 6 - 8 working daysCOLLECTIONS: 8AM - 4PM
Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 6 - 8 working days

Senoplast Decor Collection



Quality, innovation, environmentally conscious.

Founded in 1958 in Austria by Wilhelm Klepsch, an 18-year-old man who foresaw the need for plastic in everyday use, he developed a way to re-purpose old plastic into furniture boards and components. As an early innovator of co-extruded sheets, Senoplast paved the way to become a market leader in being one of the few environmentally friendly manufacturers and as a producer of excellent decor panels used in a massive range of applications. 

Since its conception, Senoplast has grown exponentially. Their European base of operations continues in Austria, a plant founded in 2000 in Mexico to supply the NAFTA area and China in 2019 to serve the Asian markets. Senoplast central vision is to continually strive to be the global number one for co-extruded and refined plastic sheets and films in the area of high-quality applications.

The Senoplast history

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UK decor collection

Enriching colours for your furniture.

Senoplast has a range of 26 decors immediately available in the UK. With their experience in plastic technology, Senoplast is a specialist in creating astonishing high gloss panels in colour palettes that are highly favourable for those wanting to keep their interiors looking up-to-date and elegant. Senoplast also has a super matt range to appease those looking to tone down their interior furniture. 

Senoplast is renowned for its quality which will be recognisable when you see their panels in person. 

The highlights

Exceptionally bright in low light

High gloss

The high gloss comes in solid and metallic colours which have excellent reflective properties to make your interiors stand out.

Finished with a hard-coat layer

Scratch resistant

The special hard coating lacquer also provide anti-bacterial, UV and chemical resistance.

For a subtle look

Super matt

The super matt finish absorbs around 80% of light, giving the panels a visually striking look.

Committed to responsibility

Pioneers of "green technology"

Senoplast products are made from 100% recycled materials, and their manufacturing process minimally impacts the environment.

A swatch book.

Marketing Materials

Seeing is believing. Order a swatch book and let your clients feel the decors in the flesh.

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