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Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 6 - 7 working days

Kronospan Global Collection 3.0



Woodworking industry's giant.

Established in 1897 as an Austrian family company, Kronospan is the world's largest wood-based panel manufacturer currently operating from over 40 manufacturing plants around the world. In the UK, Kronospan established its manufacturing plant in 1970 in Wrexham.

Kronospan has pioneered many of the industry's critical advances and aims to continue leading product development and innovation into the future. Its products span across the flooring, furniture and refurbishment industries.

Kronospan's manufactured wood-based panels are well-known in the UK amongst large property developers and building companies. In recent years, Kronospan started concentrating on the distribution market, allowing it to tap into parts of the market where smaller companies, individual carpenters and furniture makers operate.

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Global Collection 3.0

A world of design possibilities.

Kronospan released its Global Collection 3.0 in early 2023, unifying a range of decors for furniture and interior design industries and representing global design trends. The collection offers endless design possibilities for architects, designers, and other professionals worldwide.

The range comprises over 100 decors and is a wide selection of intensive, pastel, and monochrome colours, dark and light woodgrains, sophisticated marbles, stones, and metals. It comes in different textures and finishes, from rough slate and high gloss to soft touch and subtle matt. It has four distinctive decor groups: Avant-Garde consists of matt, gloss, and metal finishes; Colours, of course, for all the coloured decors in several finishes; Contempo — for contemporary wood and stone reproductions; Standard Woodgrains — for the classic woodgrain decors; and introducing Harmony — realistic woodgrains made using synchronised embossing.

Kronospan excluded some popular and long-standing decors from the Global Collection 3.0 but will continue to produce them as part of the so-called Local range on an ex-stock basis.

To appeal to a larger market, Kronospan has developed an extensive array of decors to suit everyone’s needs, styles and budget, making it a go-to brand for everyone.

The Highlights

Exquisite glosses and futuristic metallics.


Decors that move furniture design into the future and blend the opposites: elegant and subtle with extravagant and bold.

Eye-catching Avant-Garde Decors

AL04 — Brushed Gold
0190-MG — Black
AL08 — Brushed Titan
5981-MG — Cashmere

Your greys, browns, blues and more.


Combine an extensive range of colours to achieve unusual effects or mix them with metals, wood and other industrial materials.

A Brilliant Display of Colours

K514-SU — Deep Sahara
5994-SU — Alby Blue
K513-SU — Marshmallow
K520-SU — Emerald

Your oaks, walnuts, elms et al.

Standard Woodgrains

Discover natural and expressive woods with a rich tactile appearance revealing the beautiful imperfections of knots and grains.

Traditional, Timeless and Tactile Standard Woodgrains

5500-SU — Natural Noble Elm
K016-PW – Carbon Marine Wood
K004-PW — Tobacco Craft Oak
0481-BS — Opera Walnut

Oak and Chestnuts with enhanced features.


Textures that effortlessly trail the twists and lines of the woodgrain designs, creating seamless harmony producing a premium look and feel.

Art Imitates Life With Harmony

K534-AD — Charcoal Arvadonna Chestnut
K528-HU — Cashmere Hudson Oak
K530-HU — Amaretto Hudson Oak
K531-AD — Stone Arvadonna Chestnut

CONTEMPOrary designs for any interior.


A modern take on woodgrains, stones and metals with dynamic textures that enrapture.

Contempo Will Set You Apart

K525-SN — Blonde Surfside Ash
K545-RW — Vintage Silverjack Oak
K538-PN — Dovetail Arosa
K351-RT — Rusty Flow

When on the move.

Kronodesign® App

The app will enable you to visualise your ideas in a better way and permit you to share or save them as projects with ease.

Trends Origin Stories

A new outlook on developing designs.

The latest collection has been created by basing designs on particular personality types generated by Kronospan. Each personality trait has been given a name: The Nomad, The Adaptable, The Optimist and The Passionate.

The new Global Collection 3.0 resonates with each personality, which means you can design your home, office or retail outlet with decors that shows off your style, personality and design acumen.

Origin Stories

Inspired by nature, perfected by Kronodesign.

The Nomad — Honest and authentic
Eclectic. Multi-coloured. Ethnic. Handcrafted. Free-spirited.
The Adaptable — Embracing challenges
Inventive. Multi-functional. Flexible. Resourceful. Creative.
The Optimist — Looking forward to change
Bright. Colourful. Playful. Open-minded. Nostalgic.
The Passionate — Making a statement
Rich. Opulent. Curated. Single-minded. Masculine.

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