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Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 6 - 7 working days

Kronospan Global Collection



Woodworking industry's giant.

Established in 1897 as an Austrian family company, Kronospan is the world’s largest wood-based panel manufacturer currently operating from over 40 manufacturing plants around the world. The UK manufacturing plant has been established in 1970 in Wrexham.

Kronospan have pioneered many of the industry's key advances and aim to continue leading product development and innovation into the future. Their products have a wide application across the flooring, furniture and refurbishment industries.

Kronospan's manufactured wood-based panels are well known in the UK amongst large property developers and building companies. In the recent years, Kronospan started concentrating on the distribution market allowing them to tap into parts of the market where smaller companies, individual carpenters and furniture makers operate.

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Global collection

A world of design possibilities.

Kronospan's Global collection, released in 2018, is a unified range of decors for furniture and interior design industries that represent global design trends and open up endless design possibilities for architects, designers and other professionals around the world.

The range consists of 163 decors and is a wide selection of intensive, pastel and monochrome colours, dark and light woodgrains, sophisticated marbles, stones and metals. It comes in differing textures and finishes — from rough slate and high gloss to soft touch and subtle matt. It has four different decor groups: Avant-garde, consists of matt, gloss and metal finishes; Color, of course, for all the coloured decors, Contempo — for contemporary wood and stone reproductions; and Standard — for the classic woodgrain decors. Some popular and long-standing decors were excluded from the Global collection but Kronospan will continue to produce them as part of the so called Local range on ex stock basis.

Overall, Kronospan did a great job with balancing old and new decors, staying relevant with the prevailing interior design trends and giving everyone something to like about it.

The highlights

Gloss, matt and metal


Decors that move furniture design into the future, with blends of the opposite — from elegant and subtle to extravagant and bold.

Your greys, browns, blues and more


Combine a large range of colours in fresh ways by mixing them with metals, wood or together with other uni-colours.

Your oaks, walnuts, elms et al.


Raw and expressive woods with a strong tactile appearance revealing the gorgeous imperfections of knots and grains.

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Global collection update

Trends 20-21

In keeping the commitment to constantly absorbing design trends from across the world, Kronospan released Global collection update — Trends 20/21. The collection brings an array of exciting new design decors with ever-more realistic textures and coloration, continuing to bring boards to life, and life to boards.

City Vibes theme is the platform for looks inspired by four of the world’s most iconic cities. Their distinctive dynamic informs each decor vibe – in color, texture and intensity. It offers an eclectic mix of products that reflect the urban designs that are influencing the future trends of modern cities.

Swatch books

Marketing materials

Kronospan Global collection 18/19 and the collection update Trends 20/21 are available as swatch books. Order both of the swatch books if you want to see all current Kronospan decors.

Decor reference guide
Kronospan wallchart showcases Global collection 18/19 swatches, a unified range of decors for furniture and interior design industries.
Decor reference guide
Kronospan Global collection update Trends 20/21 swatch binder showcases new decors for most up-to-date design trends.

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Current lead time for cut & edge orders
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