Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 9 - 11 working daysCOLLECTIONS: 8AM - 4PM
Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 9 - 11 working days
The Cworkshop CNC cutting machine

Shaping, Grooving and Drilling


CNC Cutting Service

Drilling, shaping, grooving and much more.

We are one of the few companies in the London area that provide bespoke CNC services staffed with experienced design team and CNC operators. Our CNC machine can cut unusually shaped components that otherwise would prove near to impossible to produce. A fully computerised interface allows us to create single and multiple parts with accuracy and precision each time.

We can also drill holes and cut grooves of any size to a panel's face. Using our machining selection interface, you can quickly and conveniently specify the location for drilling hinge holes, library shelf holes and other machining operations.

CNC routing is used by many of our customers to create grooves in their panels to either help with joinery or as a neat solution for placing LED strip lighting. You can send us a drawing outlining your requirements when you have a more complex job to do. We work with standard CAD files such as .dwg, .dfx and .dxf, but can also take on a simple hand sketch and turn it into a CAD-based diagram that our machine can read.

Our lead times for CNC projects are between 5 – 6 working days.

Learn More About Our CNC Cutting Service

Watch the video.

Check out the Cworkshop CNC machine working on various projects. Our team of CNC designers begin by translating your designs and requirements using specialist software, simulating the cutting process and then transmitting it to the CNC machine. The CNC operators load up the right panels to be worked on, select the project needed and oversee the CNC machine to ensure precise cutting. After the project is complete, the CNC operators remove the cut panels and tidy the area, ready for the next project. 

The Highlights

Maximum efficiency with minimalist styling.

Handle Forming

The CNC machine can add small details to your panels, which can add not only flair but also convenience. See below some of our customer's favourite handles made with our CNC service—but if you have and handle design in mind, get in touch to see how we can help.

Precise and time-saving.

Hole Drilling

For your convenience, we can drill hinge and shelf holes into your panels, which can be a mundane task that requires precision and attention to detail. As an example, our CNC machine can drill 100 shelf holes in 15 minutes, chip-free. You can easily specify hole size, depth and locations using our easy-to-use online tool.

Hinge holes
Hinge holes
Shelf holes
Shelf holes

Practical, decorative, or both.

Panel Grooving

The CNC machine is capable of cutting recesses into MDF, plywood or MFC in varying lengths, depths and widths, for whatever your needs may be. Your grooves can be cut using different shaped routing bits to add a profile to your recess, such as a V-groove or a square channel. Here are a few ways you can use our CNC service to get your grooves and recesses cut. 

A LED light in a cut groove under a shelf
LED Lighting
Get a recess cut into your panel to discreetly hide your LED strip and wiring.
Sliding a base of a drawer into a groove
Back Panel
Grooves can be cut into the drawer sides to easily slot in your base.
decorative grooves cut in a panel using the CNC cutting service
You can give more stylish appeal to your MDF or plywood by adding decorative grooves.

Unleash your imagination.

Decorative Panels

Regular use of our CNC service includes routing out a decorative pattern, usually in an MDF panel. This type of fretwork panelling lets you bring out your personality in your designs and truly brings about uniqueness in your home or office. Below, we have some examples of where you can use decorative panels.

Wall Panels

Our CNC machine can cut out intricate designs that are good alternatives to traditional wall panelling.

A complete wall panel cut using the CNC cutting service
Room Dividers

Divide up a room with a screen whilst still maintaining a free-flowing atmosphere.

A room divider cut with the CNC machine
Fretwork Furniture

Turn regular furniture, such as wardrobe doors and drawer fronts, into something more unique with our CNC cutting service.

CNC cut decorations on a drawer front with a mirror background

Unlimited possibilities with our CNC service.

Our Materials

Our CNC service extends to all the products that we sell at Cworkshop. Our CNC machine uses specialist routing tools on different grades, thicknesses, and types of wood products, including MDF, plywood, MFC and veneered MDF. Browse our full range of products and decors today and contact us about getting your CNC project done today.

MDF is a popular material to get cut and grooved with our CNC service. The plain, smooth panel is the perfect surface to be worked on, and we have a brilliant selection of MDF for every project.
We offer Plywood cutting with our CNC machine that provides smooth edges and exposes the cross-grain of the plywood to produce a mesmerising effect.
We are providers of some of the most sought after melamine-faced chipboard (MFC) in the London area. We offer boards from Egger, XyloCleaf, Kronospan, and many more. Browse our full decor range of MFC boards.
Veneered Boards
Upgrade your furniture with a natural wood veneer, such as oak or walnut, with an MDF or plywood core. Veneered boards are a great alternative to other woods if you're looking for a refined finish but still easy to work with.
Close up of the CNC machine drilling

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