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Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 6 - 7 working days

Egger 24+ Collection



More from wood.

The Egger group, with its head office in Austria, is one of the leading international manufacturers in wood-based products. Founded in 1961, the family-run company now has 19 production plants with two of them being in the UK at Hexham and Auchinleck. At the same time, Egger global customer base includes those in the furniture industry, wood distribution and building markets.

Egger regularly develops new decors and surfaces in line with worldwide trends and drives forward technological innovations, consistently improving products and simplifying work processes.

In the UK Egger is well-known for its decorative surface products, especially for supplying high-quality melamine faced board materials to furniture and interior design industries.

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Decorative Collection 24+

Discover the power of more.

Keeping up with the current trends of interior design Egger's new and increased range of a whopping 260 decors includes more of super-matt and ultra-gloss finishes, along with some budget friendly options to cater for a wider market. At the same time, synchronised wood textures have been taken to the next level and now showcase finishes that look better than real wood. For more urban-minded individuals, the new collection presents industrial material reproductions such as metal and concrete, as well as soft and elegant marbles.

Overall, the new Egger collection now carries more grey tones, better quality super-matt and high gloss finishes, and is absolutely on point with the market trends.

The Highlights

A step above in gloss and matt.


The PerfectSense range from Egger brings you a new standard of lacquered boards in Premium Matt (PM) and Premium Gloss (PG) finishes, a brilliant material that helps you design furniture that plays with light. Keeping everyday living in mind, the PerfectSense decor boards are manufactured to withstand scratches, extending the life of your furniture. Aside from the anti-scratch properties, both gloss and matt options have an increased resistance to stains and an aversion to changes in moisture and heat. The PerfectSense range can be used in all furniture-related uses and comes in various colours and designs, such as marble and stone.

Egger have released a new PerfectSense matt range, Textured Matt (TM9), that offers a budget-friendly option for those looking for cost-effective solutions. The decor surface of the TM9 range is the same found in the PM range, where the difference lies in the core — the TM9 boards have a chipboard core, whereas PM and PG decors have an MDF core.

Garnet Red
Onyx Grey
Reed Green
Angora Grey

An endless stream of interior design ideas.

Sophistication in Simplicity

Whether you want brilliantly reflective gloss, or velvety matt, the PerfectSense decors privides robustness for everyday use.

A great selection of lifelike wood decors.


In the past few decades, Egger has become the purveyor of exciting woodgrain decors. The Feelwood range upgrades the standard, delightful woodgrains collection by employing synchronised pore technology to accentuate knots, cracks and grains specific to each type of wood species, making this prime product for those looking for absolute realism. The Feelwood decors are an exceptional alternative to natural wood veneers.

Consisting primarily of oak, a species highly regarded in the furniture industry, Feelwood shows how oak can be transformed to fit any identity, with finishes that include natural, smoked and stain-effect in various hues.

Authentic look and feel aside, the Feelwood range can easily be coordinated with other Egger products, is scratch and fade-resistant and has antibacterial properties, extending the life of your furniture.

Natural Halifax Oak
Navarra Ash
Brown Cuneo Oak
Marone Casella Oak

A wood for any purpose.

Distinct Feelings

Choose your desired stylish oak finish to accentuate any of your spaces.

The best of both with painted woodgrains.

Uni Colour Woodgrains

Launched in 2023, the ST40 range aims to bring colour to a deeper-structure woodgrain in neutral palettes that can be classed as on-trend. Where painted woodgrains often have a hefty pricetag, the ST40 group of decors work against that notion to make this sought-after style more accesible. You no longer have to choose between having either colours or woodgrains — you can have both!

Are the colours not to your liking? Egger have developed a board, with a Painting Grade melamine, so you can now have the deep woodgrain structure in any colour of your choosing using our spray painting service for a perfect finish.

Grain Structure
Misty Blue
Fir Green
Cubanit Grey

Colour meets texture.

Vivid Expectations

Choose a bold or subtle finish for your projects with on-trend tones including fresh greens, deep blues and elegant neutrals.

A selection of stones, marbles and fabric.

Material Reproductions

Widely used for interiors going for an industrial, minimalist or contemporary look, the material reproductions collection from Egger consists of an assortment of materials, manufactured or natural. Looking towards nature's inspiration, there are several types of stones, such as marble and slate, and metals depicting aluminium, inox and chrome. Concerning man-made materials, there are some striking textures inspired by linens, fabric, and concrete. 

Aside from a few decors, the majority of hues are somewhat darker, allowing you to create a particular type of sophistication, one that absorbs light and gives the interior decor a bolder look. If you want to set yourself apart from the rest, the material reproductions from Egger aim to do that and more.

Crystal Marble
Cupria Slate
White Linen
Golden Brushed Metal

Bring out your dark side.

Complex Intensity

Become a trendsetter by including stunning and enigmatic decors that provide a unique atmosphere.

A variety of wood to suit your style.

Wood Reproductions

Egger is one of the few brands that provides a wonderful medley of tree species that come in several different textured surfaces, bringing the outdoors into your living and working areas. In this collection you will find the usual oaks and walnuts, and with some rare wood types such as acacia, coco bolo, hickory and wenge. All the wood designs have been finished in various brown tones, playing into the natural look, ensuring that there's something for everybody. 

Natural Wild Oak
White Fineline
Natural Hickory
Vintage Santa Fe Oak

Exceptionally wholesome woodgrains.

Abundant Choices

Over 40 wood inspired decors to mix and match with everything else Egger has to offer.

Support through visualisation.


To bring your decor combination ideas to life, Egger has launched an online Virtual Design Studio. Access a wide range of room sets where you can apply different decors to see which suits your project. It will save you significant product development time and cost.

Design Your Space Now

Connecting online and offline

Decor Collection App

Use the new app to get easy access to decor scans, product details and availability info, whenever or wherever you need it.

A swatch book.

Marketing Materials

Egger swatch book contains every single decor from the 24+ collection. It is a must-have tool for cabinet makers and designers.

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