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Bring Italy home

Italian-designed decors that inspire

We provide the best selection of Italian decors.

Get some Italian flair.

Italy is known for good food, rich history, and impeccable fashion sense. The Italian's need to be stylish trendsetters is never an afterthought; it is a way of life. It is evident in almost every Italian product made, and it's no different with interior decor panels made by Italian manufacturers. 

Each Italian decor panel is designed to be a statement piece, but at the same time, they will blend in with your interiors to create a harmonious environment. 

We've chosen a few examples of our favourite Italian decors by companies you may or may not already know of XyloCleaf, Diplos and Saviola.

Choose a palette that suits you.

Bold colours

Imagine yourself driving along the Amalfi Coast; as you turn a bend, a beautiful little village greets you. What will stand out are the bright colours of iconic buildings of these coastal towns. Bring these colours home with you in the form of furniture and let them speak volumes.

Diplos are the only company known to have painted woodgrains in colours that stand out. Bold colours can enhance your interiors, especially those lacking natural light and can work well with darker-toned furniture. Order your Diplos swatch book to see what other exciting decors they have.

Bring the sunshine in.

"India" by Diplos

A bright colour to brighten up dark areas in your home.

A subtle colour to add "flavour".

"Cadaques" - Diplos

Try a soft colour to highlight certain parts of your furniture.

A titillating sensation for your fingertips.

Tactile designs

Walking through some of Italy's historical sites, one cannot help but touch an ancient pillar, wall or sculpture to get a feel of the material used. Different textures can help one bring about euphoric feelings that can only be achieved through innovative design, adding a new dimension to your furniture.

If there is one company that stands out the most for Italian designed and made panels, it's XyloCleaf. Known for their exciting designs and high-quality boards, XyloCleaf has become a favourite because many decors have life-like textures that convert furniture into a sensory experience. Get your swatch book today.

Decors that make you look twice.

"Cheope (Renio) - XyloCleaf

A decor board that creates shadows with it's 3D design.

Inspired by Roman mosaic tile art.

"Mosaico (Lead) - XyloCleaf

Irregular depth and width of the tiles creates a new dimension of depth.

Classic designs for the modern home.

Classic elegance

Visit any Tuscan home, and you'll be met with interiors made with locally grown Poplar, Chestnut and Beechwood, with some homes having furniture dating back centuries. You can't go wrong with woodgrain effects in your home if you're looking for something to stand the test of time.

A recent addition to the UK market, Saviola has a long history of creating some brilliant decor boards with many designs in the woodgrain category. Taking inspiration from the local species found in Italy, Saviola has created life-like decors to add a natural component to your interiors. Purchase your Saviola swatch book here.

Lifelike woodgrains to add substance.

"Chalet Oak Naturale" - Saviola

A light wood made to look like seperate panels to give a more livilier look.

an adaptable material for any purpose.

"Vanguard Noce Uva" - Saviola

From furniture to wall panelling, Saviola's offerings confirm Italian elegance.

Get the Italian look with out popular decor brands.

Italian living in the UK.

Whether you want to go bright a loud like a Carinvale parade, simplistic style like a Milanese socialite or go rustic like a Puglian landowner, our Italian brands have something for you. Learn more about the brands below and start thinking about how you can incorporate them into your home.