Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 10 - 11 working daysCOLLECTIONS: 8AM - 4PM
Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 10 - 11 working days


Décor Comparisons



Here at Cworkshop, we make it our duty and responsibility to bring our carpenters' best products. Three of our popular collections: Egger, Saviola and XyloCleaf, are used in different applications, ranging from wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and decorative wall panels.


Egger is one of the most well-known company in terms of panel boards. They have over 170 different décor options, giving customers an excellent choice to express their individuality. Egger offers competitive prices when it comes to their boards whilst offering quality products. Our biggest seller is W1000-ST in Premium White, commonly used to construct a unit's carcass, often hidden behind a decorative panel. With Egger, you have a wide range of textures and colours to suit your needs and include decors such as wood grains, materials (such as stone or marble) and solid neutral colours.


Regarded in the industry as a premium product, XyloCleaf aims to bring a touch of class to your interiors. With a range of over 80 different décor designs, XyloCleaf targets to appease your senses by giving you visually striking designs, such as the Fantasy 3D range. The melamine covers are of exceptional quality and instantly share your furniture and upscale look. XyloCleaf also gives you the most options for finishes, including wood grains, stone reproductions, fabrics, and leather, to give your furniture a softer feel.


If you're looking for décor that is out of the ordinary, look no further than Saviola, an Italian company that brings eye-catching décor panels to the masses.  Each board tells a story through the grain and texture reproductions. Unlike other panel brands, Saviola uses 100% recycled materials in the chipboard using a patented process that gives their board strength and durability. Saviola have only been in the UK market for a short while, but already gaining the attention of carpenters due to the competitive prices and quality of the life-like melamine covers.