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Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 4 - 5 working days

MFC Board Collection


MFC: Melamine Faced Chipboard

A revolutionary product for the modern age.

Today, we come into contact with melamine-faced products in many aspects of our lives. However, melamine is the most used by the furniture industry in its production of melamine-faced chipboard. Modern MFC is manufactured by pressing and extruding wood chips bound by a synthetic resin or other adhesives. It is then overlayed by decorative paper and immersed in a bath full of melamine. The result is a dense board with a hardwearing, attractive surface boasting excellent properties that make it a viable solution for furniture makers looking for a cheaper alternative to solid wood or MDF.

But what is the history of melamine-faced chipboard? To understand this, we must look at the history of chipboard and melamine, respectively.

In the early 1800s Germany, woodworkers began combining wood shavings with adhesive, then treating it under pressure and heat to create the prototype of the modern particleboard. However, it wasn't until the 1940s that particleboard, as we know it today, was invented. In Germany, a shortage of solid wood led people to look for different alternatives, and such was a board made from grounded off-cuts and wood chips mixed with glue. In the 1950s, veneered chipboard was developed and became a viable solution to the lumber shortage. Because it was new, chipboard was still expensive but became cheaper over time when production technology improved.

And as for melamine, in the 1830s, a German scientist developed the precursor to modern melamine—an organic-based mixture created from hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon. However, having no practical use, the early melamine was shelved until 100 years later, when it was rediscovered and brought to light again. The original organic compound was mixed with formaldehyde to create a plastic that became hardened. A more straightforward manufacturing process was discovered, which meant that the novel melamine was now ready for mass production. Additionally, it was discovered that adding melamine to a decorative paper base created a hardwearing surface that could cover many household products, such as dinnerware or flooring, while adding it to particleboard produced melamine-faced chipboard, or MFC for short. 

The '70s saw an advance of MFC, which took the furniture production market by storm. Large sheets of melamine-faced chipboard cut to size and made into various furniture parts were now one of the best materials to use. Although the layer of melamine is usually only 0.3mm in thickness, it provides additional strength and durability to the panel and adds an appealing look through stone or woodgrain reproductions. Shortly after, MFC became the primary wood-based product used for mass-produced furniture, including kitchen worktops and floorboards.

In the last decade or so, with the advanced cutting machinery becoming accessible to smaller enterprises, bespoke cabinet-makers discovered that they could get MFC panels accurately cut for private furniture commissions. MFC cutting has become a big industry today, where companies like Cworkshop provide a reliable and exact MFC cut to size service for residential and commercial properties.

MFC Features

An economical alternative.


Good quality MFC still comes at a lower price point when compared to other wood-based materials like plywood and some MDF.

cost effective chipboard

Designs that demand attention.

Melamine Faces

There are plenty of trendy designs, and the resin can be applied in a particular way to give a textured finish.

Chipboard layers

Take the back breaking out of work.

Light Weight

MFC is lighter in weight when compared to MDF and plywood of the same thickness, making transporting and working with MFC easier.

Smooth surface chipboard

Brilliant screw-holding abilities.

Screwed Tight

The random allocation of woodchips inside the chipboard allows the board to grip screws tightly, even better than MDF.

Screwing chipboard

Good To Know

Why should you consider using MFC?

In addition to the points mentioned above, MFC has many other properties that make it an excellent material. Melamine faced chipboard can be made from 100% recycled materials, and there's no limit on the types of wood to use in the board. Many companies collect scrap wood and grind them into chips to make high-quality chipboard sheets. Not only does this reduce wastage, but it also limits using natural timber. 

Chipboard used for melamine is lighter than solid wood or MDF, making it easier to lift, work with and transport. However, just because MFC is more lightweight, that doesn't mean it's a poorer quality material; the melamine face adds further integrity to the board and is scratch-resistant and waterproof. MFC doesn't have the problem usually associated with solid wood: you won't find it warping or splitting, and if the MFC panel is edged using PUR glue, its chipboard core will be protected from water damage. Additionally, compared to solid wood, working with MFC requires less hassle: it comes in large sheets ready to be cut to size or machined, has limited grain variation and is abundantly available.

With that it mind, MFC is a material that can be used virtually anywhere, due to the accessibility and the wide range of designs, textures and finishes. Here are a few places where you can use MFC:

Chipboard flooring
Chipboard flooring
Whether its a a retail store, hotel, corner shop, restaurant of workspaces, you can use MFC boards to create an environment which makes your customers and guests feel welcome. Like we've mentioned, MFC is a tough material and comes in a number of decors and finishes that can resonate with your business and bring some appeal to your brand.
MFC kitchen
MFC kitchen
MFC is a great material to use for kitchen furniture. Not only is it long-lasting and hardwearing, it is also easy to clean and maintain in the long-term. MFC can come in different finishes such as high gloss or super matt, allowing you to turn the over-abundance or lack of natural light to your advantage. MFC also have a great strength-to-weight ratio, so you can be sure your kitchen cabinet carcasses will never let you down.
Cost effective ktichen
Cost effective ktichen
Bedroom furniture, like kitchens, need to be able to last a long time and MFC can provide this. If you're getting bedroom furniture inspiration from your favourite social media site, the chances are that you will find the exact same, or very similar, decor from one of the MFC brands we stock, allowing you to create the perfect bedroom. You can use MFC for your wardrobes, bedside tables, shelving and even your bed frame.
Chipboard industrial flooring
Chipboard industrial flooring
Home Offices
Instead of getting mix-matched items for your office, you can opt to create harmonising office furniture that will help boost your productivity. With the broad range of MFC panels, you can choose to build office furniture with a classic woodgrain look, or try using particular colours that will help you stay creative and focused. Every thing from desks, shelves and cabinets can be made with MFC.

The Best MFC Brands

A brand for every budget, style and function.

Plenty of brands use chipboard core for their melamine boards. Each brand produces its own chipboard to unique specifications, using different sources of raw materials. For instance, Saviola proudly states that its chipboard is made from 100% recycled materials, and Egger uses a certain percentage of recycled wood in their boards. Other companies like Swiss Krono use virgin wood for their chipboard to maintain a more uniformity throughout the board. No matter how it is made, all chipboard is cut to size the same way.

Brands like XyloCleaf and Alvic have MFC boards with highly textured surface that adds another sensory dimension to your furniture.

Here are some of our favourite melamine-faced chipboard brands.

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