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Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 4 - 5 working daysCOLLECTIONS: 8AM - 4PM
Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 4 - 5 working days

Warmth and richness only found in walnut.

Walnut Veneer MDF

What is Walnut Veneer MDF?

Cworkshop blends classic artistry with innovative functionality via our walnut veneer MDF sheets. Thanks to the traditional beauty of walnut timber and the adaptability and strength of MDF, we’ve crafted a near-perfect solution. Therefore, walnut veneered MDF boards are the ideal method of boosting your home’s aesthetic appeal.

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How Walnut Veneered MDF is Made

In order to make our walnut veneered MDF sheets, we use a thorough method. This method combines the natural charm of walnut with the durability of MDF and is explored in further detail below:

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  1. The selection of walnut veneer - Firstly, the finest walnut veneer sheets are specifically selected for their grain patterns, colour, consistency and durability.
  2. The preparation of the MDF - The particular type of MDF is selected and prepared for bonding the venner.
  3. The application of the veneer - Following this, we use adhesives and specialised equipment to bond the veneer to the MDF surface skilfully, resulting in a secure and flawless finish.
  4. The finishing touches - Finally, the veneered board is sanded, stained and sealed to add protection and create visual appeal

Our Walnut MDF Veneer Styles

Regardless of your design preferences and interior themes, we have a walnut veneer MDF style to suit you. This includes the following:

Natural Walnut
Natural Walnut
Walnut is naturally stunning, which is why a natural walnut style is so popular. This style exhibits the beauty of woodgrain and earthy shades, which creates warmth and character.
Painted Walnut
Painted Walnut
If you have a unique colour scheme that you’d like to maintain, you might consider painted walnut. From this, you can use your home's existing aesthetic to influence your chosen material.

Common Usage Scenarios for MDF Veneer Walnut

Walnut veneer can be used in various scenarios, including the following:

Cabinetry and Furniture
Cabinetry and Furniture
For elegant and durable furniture pieces, walnut veneer MDF has a lot to offer. From kitchen cupboards to bedroom drawers, walnut veneer MDF allows them to stand the test of time gracefully and stylishly.
Doors and Trim
Doors and Trim
Interior doors, casings, baseboards, and more can all be given a refined finishing touch via walnut veneer MDF. Quite simply, the material improves the visual impact of architectural elements.

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Cworkshop is here to provide you with top-quality walnut veneer to elevate your home’s interior. Simply select your materials and add them to your cutting list, informing us of the required thickness, length, width, and other important specifications. We can then manufacture your walnut veneer MDF to bring your interior design ideas to life.

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