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Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 6 - 8 working days
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Adding warmth to your interiors

Textiles & Leathers Decors

We've seen a fantastic shift in realistic effects from our decor brands, especially in the wood effect collections. Improved printing and texture technology has blurred the lines between natural and manufactured materials, giving people a product that is easy to work with and stands the test of time when it comes to interior decorating. 

With wood finishes having peaked, manufacturers have turned their attention to other textures, textiles and leathers in particular. The decor effect exudes qualities such as softness, warmth and visual appeal, which is why they're becoming popular in the modern home. We supply the textile and leather decors that provide a sensory experience, perfectly mimicking certain fabrics. 

Textile and leather decors can be used practically anywhere but work best in specific environments such as studies, bedrooms and living rooms. Take a look below at some textile decors that our customers love, which we find exquisite. 

Give your interior a premium effect


When you think about interior furniture decors, what usually comes to mind are uni-colour panels and an assortment of woodgrains. Sometimes, you may think of stone effect panels, but rarely would you consider a leather effect for your furniture. Leather is a material that has deep roots in our history, from when we first hunted to now making "vegan" leather. Animal hides are treated and used for many applications, such as clothing, bedding, equipment and seating — it was a material known for its hardwearing properties. Panel designers and makers have figured out how to create leather-like textures with melamine to replicate the leather effect whilst still being a material used for furniture and interior decoration. 

Here are a few leather effect decors that we love and are popular with our customers.

XYLOCLEAF - Primofiore
This leather decor uses a traditional grained leather effect to make it look as natural as possible. This effect unmistakably looks like leather, and when you run your hands across it, it has that leather feel similar to a leather couch.
DIPLOS - Chiaro Grey
Here is another example of a grained leather-effect panel. The neutral colour palette for this decor helps maintain the size of the room whilst emitting a feeling of warmth with the effect of the leather. This effect has a soft touch in which boosts its effects.
This exciting canvas leather effect was made famous by luxury handbag makers such as Louis Vuitton. This effect gives it a more sensory texture whilst maintaining the desired effect of warmth. This particular colour of pinky-beige is unique and will be your statement piece.
ALVIC - Cuzco Oro
This beautiful leather effect decor from Alvic has a grained effect in a colour that resembles natural leather. It also has a patchwork pattern, making it look like different pieces of leather were sewn together to create the panel. If you're looking to have a unique piece of furniture, then look no further.

A touch of elegance


One of the main reasons you would choose a textile effect decor would be for the physical texture it produces and the panel's patterns. The patterns resemble fabrics, with some brands using actual fabric fibres to have this effect. Some decor brands also create wavy designs to duplicate the fabric being draped. Textile decors come in many colours, patterns, and effects to suit your tastes, and pictures do not do it justice; you have to see them in the flesh to appreciate these decors truly. You may feel that the textile and fabric decors may appear too "noisy" for your furniture, so to avoid this, we would suggest pairing them with other boards that are plain in colour to make them stand out.

XYLOCLEAF - Grey Linen
Taking inspiration from light cotton linen, XyloCleaf has contrasting fibres and shades that produce a remarkable, distorted pattern that looks different from alternate points of view. The texture has a coarseness, often found with high-quality linen fabric.
DIPLOS - Corallo
This unique decor by Diplos shows a soft palette to bring out the subtle detail. You will notice that this decor tries to convey handmade fabric stretched over a board by having the fibres thicker or thinner in certain areas. If you want to show off your stylish nature, this decor is one to consider.
XYLOCLEAF - Madreperla
This shiny white decor is truly a marvel. Offering a multi-sensory feeling, XyloCleaf has developed a board that looks and feels like silk. This board almost feels too delicate to be used as furniture, but we can assure you it can be. This decor would be excellent paired with a black panel to make it stand out.
The Spigato range by XyloCleaf has a design reminiscent of a tweed jacket. This decor would not look out of place as part of a standalone piece of furniture or an accent on a bookcase. The zig-zag pattern is also appealing for the eyes and is a good option for large rooms.

Choose your textile or leather decor today


Whether you're looking to update your kitchen, living room, office or bedroom, our textile and leathers decors will instantly bring wrmth and appeal to your interiors. All textile and leather panels are available from Cworkshop, and can be cut, edged and delivered to your specification. View the range today, and contact us if you would like more information.

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