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Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 4 - 5 working days
Modern kitchen hero

Reinvigorate the heart of your home


The simplicity and openness of a modern kitchen makes a bold statement the moment you walk into the room. Modernity is often confused and used interchangeably with contemporary, however when refereing to "Modern", this points to a particular style.

Modern design is a mix of the stylistic characteristics of the industrial revolution and the 1950s, whilst contemporary refers to what is currently trending. When you envision a modern kitchen — think simple and sleek with strong lines. Every kitchen feature should serve a function and there’s little to no room for ornamentation or decor. The modern style itself serves as the decor. 

As you start thinking about design elements, start with neutral modern kitchen cabinets. Whether you prefer simply white or shaker gray, your cabinetry will serve as a focal point in an otherwise clean and simple space.

Below we outline elements that work together to create a cohesive modern kitchen. Read through as you start to think about and plan your own kitchen design.

If you’re looking to transform your kitchen into a modern design, a remodel is often the most effective way to get an authentic look. Everything from the layout to the cabinets and lighting works together to achieve the consistency and cohesiveness of clean lines that is so important to a true modern kitchen.