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Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 6 - 8 working daysCOLLECTIONS: 8AM - 4PM
Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 6 - 8 working days

How MDF and Plywood is Cut to Size Professionally

Whether you're looking to order MDF cut to size or pre-cut plywood, these are two of the most versatile building materials on the market. Both plywood and veneered MDF cut to size are widely used in the construction and furniture industries, and the precision of cutting techniques unlocks these materials' full potential. Not only do these professional cutting techniques guarantee accurate dimensions, but they also maximise the overall quality and durability of materials. 

Here at Cworkshop, cutting MDF and plywood to size is one of our specialities, so we invite you to learn more about the professional service below. 

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Material Overview - Pre-cut MDF and Plywood Sheets Cut to Size

Before we can fully explore the various cutting techniques, we must first delve into the many characteristics of MDF and plywood.

MDF Sheet Cut to Size

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is an engineered wood product that’s crafted from wood fibres, wax, and resin compressed under high pressure and temperature. Some of its key characteristics include a uniform density, smooth surface, and excellent machinability. For these reasons, MDF is often used in interior applications, such as cabinetry and furniture.

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Plywood Sheets

Plywood is a composite material that’s created by glueing layers of wood veneers together, with each layer’s grain perpendicular to the adjacent layers. Because of this, it boasts high strength, dimensional stability, and resistance to warping. It’s not too dissimilar to MDF in terms of its applications, as it’s commonly used in construction and woodworking projects, such as flooring, roofing, and furniture.

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Buy Plywood Cut to Size and Custom Cut MDF

In order to provide you with cut-to-size MDF and plywood, we can employ various cutting techniques. These are explored in further detail below.

Precision Measurement

It goes without saying that accurate measurements form the basis of professional cutting. This means that before any cutting commences, we make certain that we have accurately measured the material by way of specialised tools, including tape measures, rulers, and squares. We always pay meticulous attention to dimensions to ensure that the final pieces fit seamlessly into the intended design.