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Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 4 - 5 working days

Finsa Decorative Collection



MDF reimagined.

Established in the 1930s on the Iberian Peninsula, Finsa brought Spanish productivity and industrial know-how into the manufactured board market. Founded by a motivated Spaniard named Manuel García Cambón, Finsa utilised its position as a sawmill to invest in independent arborists in the region to ensure a steady stream of wood material.

Forty years later, Finsa opened its first international branch office in the UK, and by 1980, Finsa became one of three European companies to manufacture MDF. Finsa currently has 11 factories in Spain, Portugal and France, branch offices in 17 countries, and a presence in over 90 countries. Finsa's objective of continuous collective improvement has been essential to its success. Finsa is considered a resilient, innovative and creative company serving the furniture, construction, industrial and design markets.

Focusing on the furniture industry, Finsa has entered the premium decor market using its high-quality MDF at the core of its products. Finsa manufactures oak veneers that noticeably stand out from the crowd and some visually striking coloured MDF boards that can only be described as "high-concept". Read on to see what we mean.

What makes Finsa special.

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The Finsa Decorative Collection

A purveyor of avant-garde materials.

Finsa has taken a calculated approach to its new decorative collection. Looking to service the high-end market, Finsa has released several oak veneers, some of which have a highly textured finish to add variance to standard veneers. In addition to this, Finsa has also perfected its coloured MDF boards. The MDF boards come in solid colours, a solid colour sandwiched between two blackboards or natural wood veneers.

The veneered boards come in 7 different designs, all of which have a solid MDF core, with choices of moisture-resistance or fire-retardent and black-cored MDF options available.

The coloured MDF boards come in four different colours. 

Specialist Veneers by Finsa

A new standard for veneers.

Introduction to Specialist Veneers

Finsa has invested time and effort into developing veneers that resonate with those experienced enough to understand what makes a perfect veneer. Raw materials go through a rigorous process before they can be used in what can be considered a high-value product. Finsa's Specialist Veneers come in two ranges: Fibranatur TEX and Studio Natur.

A new standard of veneers.

Studio Natur

Five expertly curated veneers in several effects to aid your perception of the perfect wood-featured interiors.

Meet the collection.

Studio Natur

The Studio Natur veneers available at Cworkshop include veneers made from natural oak in several styles to suit your needs. If you need to familiarize yourself with the type of cut veneers, take a look at our Veneered MDF Boards page to learn more.

Oak veneered MDF, crown cut mixed with quarter cut
Oak veneered MDF, aged, cross sawn, crown cut
Oak veneered MDF, quarter cut
Oak veneered MDF, knotted, crown cut

Add a new dimension.

Fibranatur Tex

A collection of three embossed veneers that revolutionises how veneers can be used.

Embossed veneers collection.

Fibranatur Tex

The remarkable process of creating an embossed texture on natural veneers shows the ingenuity of Finsa and the lengths they will go to turn their exquisite oak veneers into something even more novel. Learn the details of the Fibranatur Tex collection.

Embossed oak veneered MDF, quarter cut
Embossed oak veneered MDF, quarter cut
Embossed oak veneered MDF, quarter cut

A veneer board unique to Finsa.

Black-cored Veneers

Finsa's veneers are remarkable in their own right, as are their MDF cores. Finsa has kicked it up a notch in finding further uses for their veneers and black MDF; they've bonded the two together to create a board that adds design flair. The black MDF core and oak veneer face creates a striking contrast and eliminates the need for edging unless you want it. One of the primary reasons for creating black-cored veneers was for routing purposes. Using a CNC machine like ours, a design can be routed into the board that exposes the black core, making a dramatic contrasting effect that turns a traditional veneer into something much more.

View black-cored veneer details

Black-cored veneer
Exposed black edges
Routed veneer boards

A new breed of coloured MDF.

Fibracolour & Twincolour

The MDF version of "exotic".


Available in four contrasting colours, the Fibracolour range is aimed at those looking for something out of the ordinary.

The collection of coloured MDF.


The Finsa Fibracolour range has been developed over the years to produce a coloured MDF board that has consistant colour throughout. These bold colours can be used in patches to produce a design effect that can leave a lasting impression. For best results, fibracolour boards should be lacquered to further protect the board and to emphasise the hue.

Carve your own path.


A coloured MDF panel sandwiched between two black panels. CNC this board to create eye-catching and unconventional designs.