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Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 4 - 5 working days

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East Asian design has been one of the world's most popular and distinctive aesthetics for centuries. Rich with a healthy mix of functional and cultural elements, the countries of East Asia, including Japan, China, the Philippines and Thailand, have got the blend of then and the now right when it comes to all forms of design, most prominently interior design.

Tradition holds a heavy weight in Asia; unique cultural elements like wooden screen panels and cultural calligraphy are stapled features that set the design style apart.

Colour is also essential, and there are a few commonly used colours in East Asian design in general that make their way into interior design. Warm browns and pale creams find representation through design features like exposed wood, separating screens and matching furniture, whereas vivid colours like reds, blues and golds find their place through show pieces like artwork and statures. It's this kind of juxtaposition that keeps a space in balance.

So how do you incorporate East Asian design into your living space? You start by stripping it bare and building the room from the ground up. The most prominent philosophy consistent across the style is "Zen". The concept focuses on creating a peaceful atmosphere by keeping things minimal. East Asians believe in maintaining one's home uncluttered as it reflects one's mind.

Get the look

East Asian inspired decors

You can get the East Asian look by using particular decors to compliment your interiors and create a harmonious aura in your home. Check out the decors below.

Chilli Red - Egger
Red has deep roots in East Asian culture, a symbolises many things, success being one of them. The Chilli Red from Egger (U323-PG) is a glossy board that will help bring out more light in your home. You can use this decor in conjunction with colours like white, gold and black to make tone down the redness.
Fir Green - Egger
Green instantly adds a natural element to your interiors, and the Fir Green (U699-ST-9) in particular reminds us of the amazing bamboo fields found throughout Asia.
Brushed Gold - Kronospan
Gold is another popular colour found across Asia. The Brushed Gold (AL04) is made from real metal, and gives a lovely effect that reflects light in a natural manner. Pair this decors with others to create a spectacle.
Indonesian Marine Plywood
Sometimes there's no replacement for real wood, which can often come with a high price tag. Plywood is a good alternative, and the Indonesian Marine Plywood is made from Asian Hardwoods, usually featuring a Meranti surface, which is a popular wood used in East Asian furniture making.