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Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 6 - 8 working days
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Cabinet Door Styles

Your kitchen cabinets are one of the most important design elements in your kitchen and the cabinet doors can elevate the desired look and feel of your cooking space. To set your kitchen apart, consider what kind of cabinet doors best fit your desired style—from simple slab to intricate raised cathedral cabinet doors, there are plenty of options to fit the redesign you envision.

Example of slab cabinet door
Slab cabinet doors are flat and frameless, perfect for those who are looking to modernise their kitchen. Their contemporary design can upgrade any kitchen into a simple, clean space. Due to their sleek appearance, they work best with linear cabinet hardware such as our brush satin nickel handle.
Example of Shaker style cabinet door
One of the most popular cabinet door styles, shaker cabinets have a recessed door and come in an array of simple and intricate designs. If you have loud elements in your kitchen such as a colourful backsplash or busy wall decor, it's best to opt for something more simple like these ice shaker white cabinets.
Example of traditional square raised door
Traditional square raised
Traditional square raised cabinet doors have a raised panel that have the same shape as the cabinet itself. You have the flexibility to choose a more intricate or simple design depending on the mood you're trying to create in your kitchen. A great example of these cabinets are our pearl cabinets, which epitomize sophistication.
Example of cathedral raised door
Cathedral raised
If you're looking to add another element of design in your kitchen, cathedral raised cabinet doors could be the best fit. Cathedral cabinet doors are rounded with an arch at the top, originating from the medieval period. They add elegance to any kitchen.

Cabinet styles that suits your style

Which one is best?

We've explored just four popular styles of cabinets, and there are many more that you can choose. You may be wondering which cabinet door style is the best one, and the answer is simple: what look are you going for? Your style will be unique to you, and you should explore the type of atmosphere you would like to set and choose something you'll be comfortable with for the next few years. If you're need to explore some options, be sure to visit our showroom to give you more insight to what sort of cabinet doors styles would work for you.

At Cworkshop, we already build made to measure Shaker-style doors, our brilliant cut and edge service can make your slab doors look sharp and our CNC service can create your traditonal and cathedral raised doors. Get in touch with us today!