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Interior design mood board

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How to create a "mood board"

An outlet for your creativity

What is a "mood board"?

Developing brainstorms and mood boards is an essential step in the design and creative process. There's nothing like the feeling of having a concept or "mood" you can't translate into words, one that needs visual, ideological and material prompts to bring your senses to life in an authentic way. "Brainstorming is always the first thing I do when I start any work. Mood boards are a way of visualising my ideas. It makes me clear on my ideas and how I want to take them further." - Nanxy Wang (fashion designer, NortheastNancy)

Find synergy between idea elements

Easily find links

Use your mood board to map out your thoughts in an organised way that makes sense to you and your team.

Who uses mood boards?

A new way to plan.

It's not just the fashion designers and artists who use mood boards to map out their ideas. The DIY'ers, craftsmen and even large-scale companies have creative departments with entire rooms of people contributing the most outlandish and creative ideas for their concepts. (as long as you have a mediator to stop things from getting too off-topic).

Anything you want can be placed on a mood board. The possibilities are endless. Words, pictures, materials, and even audio and video feel at home; they're a great way to create a base for your ideas to springboard off and get the ball rolling.

Explore new tones and hues

A study of colour

Use mood boards to explore how colour combinations work for different products that create harmony.

Mood board example

How you can start your mood board today.

Where to begin?

So how will you start your mood board? There are a few exciting ways to get started. Do you start with a page and write things down while the idea is fresh? Or do you try to prepare, giving yourself time to research and find materials, colour schemes, fonts and pictures to contribute like a scavenger hunt? The choice is yours; there are no wrong answers for your inspiration. 

If you're cooperating with others, you may decide to use a large whiteboard to throw your ideas on. But slow down; our suggestion is first to brainstorm to get your initial thoughts on paper or the notes app on your phone (if you're going the digital route). Jotting things down helps you at least get an idea of the direction you're going in and makes sure all collaborators are on the same page.

Explore interior design ideas

Decor, furniture and colours

Interior designers, you can use mood boards to plan out a theme for whatever room you're designing.

Mood board example

Use technology to help with mood boards.

Collaborate more easily.

Project management apps also make the digital route easy. Everybody on your project can be added and made able to edit and upload media or leave notes for other people working on it. There has been a revolution in the way we exchange ideas. See something you like on social media, that picture of the beautiful bedroom you saw yesterday, That denim material you thought would work well on your couch, or even that song you love that makes you feel about standing in your dream kitchen? Make a note of it; there's room for everything.

So, whether you're a carpenter, interior designer or someone looking to do a makeover of their home, a mood board is a great way to give your creativity an outlet.

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