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Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 6 - 7 working days

One World Collection 2019-20



A universe of possibilities.

As a Swiss family company, Swiss Krono develops decorative wood materials for sophisticated working and living spaces. All of their products are manufactured with the highest demands in terms of quality and sustainability and since the inception in 1966, the desire to improve wood-based materials for their customers has been written into the company’s DNA.

Not only that they set the standards when it comes to the look, feel and quality of wood-based products but also they are constantly optimising all wooden product characteristics, such as moisture resistance and low emissions.

Let your creativity run free and use the various designs and combinations the products offer. There are numerous colours, wood decors, surface textures and designs available to choose from so that you can turn your ideas into reality.

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One World collection 2019-20

For living and working.

The One World collection from Swiss Krono caters to any imaginable taste with its wide selection of decors. Released in 2019 and updated in 2020, it incorporates the latest furniture decors that are as diverse and inspiring as the world itself, based on the intensive observation of current global design trends and tailored to the specific requirements of different people.

The UK range encompases an impressive 96 decor designs of colours and reproductions of natural materials such as wood, stone, metal and more. Almost all of the One World collection’s decors can be easily combined with one another to create a variety of looks. This makes it possible to bring a wide array of design ideas to life in different spaces. 

Highly realistic surfaces are achieved by synchronising decor patterns with embossed textures thus meeting customer requirements in terms of natural material look and feel. In an increasingly digital world, haptic sensations are more important than ever — we are no longer satisfied with merely seeing but want to touch and feel the world around us.

The highlights

As Mother Nature intended

Made of virgin wood

All Swiss Krono melamine faced boards are exclusively made from virgin wood and therefore free from foreign object contaminants.

Wood and colour

Perfectly combine

The most diverse plain-coloured, wood and design surfaces can be combined in continually new and distinct ways and fit perfectly.

Limestone and textile fusion


The rough and charming texture offers unprecedented design opportunities to furniture and interior decorations in 12 colours.

Haptic texture expression

Just as real as wood

Today people want to touch and feel what the eyes see, as sensory experiences are becoming more essential for all living spaces.

When in doubt

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Combine any of Swiss Krono surfaces with every kind of interior design style in real time. Download the AR Interior Designer app.

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Current lead time for cut & edge orders
is 6 - 7 working days