Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 3 - 4 working daysCOLLECTIONS: 8AM - 4PM
Current lead time for cut & edge orders is 3 - 4 working days

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What are melamine MDF boards?

Melamine MDF cut to size service overview.

Melamine is a paper-based product that undergoes a process to give it a plastic-like finish, and it has been an essential material in the furniture industry for several decades. Manufacturers usually use melamine paper to cover chipboard (creating MFC), but often melamine can be applied to other types of boards such as plywood or MDF. Although the melamine layer is usually only 0.3mm in thickness, it provides additional strength to the panel and adds an appealing look. Due to its unique properties and advanced computer technologies, it has become easy to create different material reproductions, colours and textures, making it a type of product that can change with trends.

At Cworkshop, we supply melamine MDF boards from some of the world's biggest and well-known companies, such as Egger, Kronospan and others. Professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike can benefit from our in-house melamine MDF cut to size service. We use Cutting Optimisation software to map out the cutting pattern for every job to eliminate time and material wastage. Advanced industrial-grade and computer-aided cutting machines, managed by professional operators, deliver unparalleled precision and accuracy. The machines use two saw blades, and in addition to the primary saw blade, a scoring blade is used to ensure that each cut is smooth and chip-free on both sides. We inspect panel cutting quality and replace saw blades regularly to ensure a clean cut every time.

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Pros and cons

Things to consider with melamine faced MDF.

  • Cheaper than real wood or stone
  • Can be cut to size with ease and requires no further finishing
  • Can be used in almost all types of furniture and interior applications
  • Very versatile and comes in a large range of textures and finishes
  • It expands in precense of moisture and water
  • Contains fewer decorative options than melamine faced chipboard
  • Requires industrial-grade cutting machinery for chip-free cutting
  • Exposed edges must be edgebanded with a matching tape to hide the MDF core

Promises we can keep

Our melamine MDF cut to size guarantee to you.

We will cut melamine MDF to size to your exact specification, or we'll send a replacement to you free of charge in 24hrs.

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Our services

What we can do for you.

Panels cut to size
Select any decorative board from our vast range of decors, and we will cut it into smaller size panels, as specified by you.
Panel edgebanding
Let us know which panel edges to finish with an edging tape, and we will do it for you with our PUR glue equipped machines.
CNC cutting
Entrust our CNC cutting department with unusual shape panel cutting, decorative pattern routing, hole drilling and grooving jobs.
Spray painting
We can spray coat your panels to a white primer, clear lacquer or any colour paint finish, all of which you can easily book online on our website.